When you click on any of the GCDS Campus buildings, you will see the courses being offered within each discipline or ministry focus. Each of the campus buildings is named in honor of a significant leader in the Global Church Network (www.gcnw.tv). The Global Church Network is the world’s premier network of pastors and leaders focused on mobilizing and synergizing the entire Body of Christ toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

The Global Church Divinity School does not apply a “West To The Rest Approach” but a “Best Around The World Teaching The Rest Of The World.” The Global Church Divinity School faculty have donated their teaching, wisdom, knowledge and skill to equip and empower enough ministers and leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. The best up-to-date courses are consistently be developed and deployed to help you tot minister effectively and lead exponentially your local church or organization. Join the Global Church Divinity School today!

The Global Church Divinity School provides Assemblies of God Ministry Training Tracks for Certified, Licensed and Ordained credentials. In these learning tracks, the students will have the opportunity to be trained and mentored by pastors, scholars and leaders, who provide incredible areas of strength in the subject they are teaching. Applications for Assemblies of God ministerial credentials are made through the District Councils; not through the Global Church Divinity School. You should contact the district council office in your area for information on how to apply for credentials with that district.

The following courses are included:

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